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About Us


"HELP" is a registered Voluntary Organization founded in the year 1992 by a group of like-minded social activists who have the passion and enthusiasm for voluntary services for rural lives and areas. It is an organization founded to facilitate the process of development of villages. In its endeavor HELP has envisaged to promote responsible participation of people in their own Development. The area of operation chosen is Joint Mahabubnagar, KomaramBheem,Yaddadri the slum areas of Hyderabad, Rangareddy districts of Telangana state. The areas are under developed and severely under exposed to any sort of developmental inputs, either from Government or at least from any Non Government Sector. Mahabubnagar, district being Virgin for Voluntary action till late seventies, has gradually become experimental ground for participatory and partnership approaches by HELP. There is a gradual increase in the awareness of people about their role of the development. Though the presence of voluntary agencies created an impact in certain parts of the districts, the Mandals chosen by HELP did not receive any active assistance from the voluntary sector. HELP is a result of concentrate discussion held by few likeminded people who felt the need to organize the communities in a Partnership Model. HELP believes that the sustainable development of the areas and rural people is possible only through their collective action. Hence HELP conducts various activities in order to mobilize and capacitate them towards a common platform for participation and self-determination and action for development and positive changes.

» Mission

“We stand for Welfare of Children, Women, Dalith, Tribal’s and Farmers”

» Vision

HELP visualize a society where all people and children enjoy power, equality, privileges and all development probability and prospects for leading decent and dignified life irrespective of gender, caste, color, ethnic sections and a world environmentally balanced and sound.

» Objectives

The objectives have been drafted after studying the needs of the community in Telangana state.

Following are the needs of the community that are reflected in the objectives:

  • Children,Women Rights
  • Empowerment of women in Socio-economic and Equality
  • Quality education and quality health facilities
  • Development of community based leadership
  • Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Technology.
  • Promotion of Alternative Livelihoods to Farmers, Youth and Women
  • Education for all and especially girls
  • Rural Skills up-gradation and Income Generation Program for women
  • Environmental Protection and Conservation of Bio-diversity and Nature
  • Natural Resource Management and Renewable Energy
  • Financial provisions and Credits to CBOs for Livelihood and Enterprises
  • Tribal Development - Integrated Development of PVTGs and SCs
  • Disaster Management – Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Rural Infrastructural, Rural Development and Rural Energy Management.

» Values

HELP has arrived at the following values through five extensive years of working with the downtrodden, marginalized and vulnerable sections of our project areas and through consultations with external facilitators and our team members.

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Collective Cooperation
  • Humility, equality, peace, justice and respect for all communities and cultures
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Solidarity with child laborers and the most vulnerable

Thematic Areas

  • Eradication of Child labor and re-enrollment and retention of children in formal day schools, quality education, adequate school infrastructure.
  • Protection of Rights and Empowerment of Women, Adivasi and Dalith
  • Livelihoods and Food Security
  • Capacity building of various CBOs
  • Poverty reduction
  • Social Sector Development through Sustainable Practices
  • Public general health.


  • Strengthen the organization by building the capacities of its members, staff and all stakeholders
  • Generate awareness on the rights, self-reliance and self-esteem for improving economic conditions of stakeholders through street plays, puppet shows, IEC distribution etc, cultural activities
  • Develop critical thinking in the communities
  • Utilization of local resources, local knowledge and skills
  • Mobilizing women to participate for uplifting their social, economic and political development
  • Gender sensitization
  • Social mobilization, advocacy and lobbying
  • Formation of SHGs and other CBOs
  • Strengthening VCPCs and SMCs
  • Documenting and reporting.